Insurance for Crypto, Mining Infrastructure, and AI Infrastructure

Evertas is the world’s first crypto insurance company: A+ Rated coverage for new risks, based on timeless principles.

We are philosophically dedicated to seeing crypto custodians, miners, and operators of AI infrastructure succeed. We provide true risk transfer products and professional services specialized to meet your unique needs.

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Why Evertas


Evertas is the first and only crypto insurance company backed by Lloyd’s, one of the world’s oldest and most trusted insurers. All Evertas policies carry the highest achievable creditworthiness ratings: A- (IX - Excellent) or A+ (XV - Superior).


Our policies protect a wide variety of customers including mining operations, crypto custodians, exchanges, investment funds, family offices, and more.


Our underwriters’ subject matter expertise and proprietary cryptonative underwriting process make us unique. Evertas bespoke policies mean more appropriate coverage, leading to streamlined claims and faster payouts.


Evertas is run by cryptonatives. We are philosophically committed to seeing crypto thrive by mitigating the risks inherent to the innovators who are building the technologies we believe in.


Evertas offers coverage of up to $360 million per policy - by leaps and bounds the highest per incident coverage limits in the industry - providing insureds the protection they need in a single underwriting.


We have policy-writing authority on six continents, meaning Evertas can help customers and projects globally. We’ll get to Antarctica as soon as crypto does.