Evertas, the world’s first full service crypto insurance company, was founded in 2017 by J. Gdanski and Raymond Zenkich to mitigate crypto industry risks. Backed by Lloyd's and offering Superior-rated policies, Evertas covers more than 70% of the world's top Bitcoin miners.

The Evertas Team

We combine cryptonative blockchain expertise with institutional understanding and insurance leadership.


J Gdanski

J Gdanski CEO & Founder

Raymond Zenkich

Raymond Zenkich President & Founder

Operations & Strategy

Ryan Lackey

Ryan Lackey Chief Security Officer

Emma Rose Bienvenu

Emma Rose Bienvenu Chief Operating Officer

Nick Selby

Nick Selby EVP, Strategy & Services


Keith Burkhardt

Keith Burkhardt Head of Insurance

Thomas Shewchuck

Thomas Shewchuck Head of Underwriting

Sarah Leon

Sarah Leon Lead Crypto Mining and AI Compute Underwriter

Erik Udahl

Erik Udahl Lead Digital Asset Underwriter

The Evertas Story

Evertas was founded as BlockRe and rebranded in 2020, with Gdanski as CEO and Zenkich as President.

J. conceived the idea of Evertas while overseeing the creation of custodial crypto operations for a major financial institution. J. recognized a critical lack of crypto insurance capacity. J. contacted his friend Raymond, a pioneer in researching cryptoasset insurance who in 2016 had produced the first conference dedicated to the subject.

Gdanski and Zenkich leveraged their unique fusion of expertise in both the opaque world of crypto and in the insurance industry’s centuries-old, sustainable methods of addressing new forms of risk.

The result was the world’s first cryptoasset insurance company — one exclusively dedicated to creating a suite of full-service insurance products focused solely on the unique risks endemic to the crypto industry.


Evertas is run by cryptonatives philosophically committed to seeing crypto thrive by mitigating the risks inherent to the innovators building the technologies we believe in.

By leveraging our underwriters’ subject matter expertise, we have created a proprietary process which leads to bespoke policies that mitigate the technical and people risks inherent to each individual project. Better underwriting means more appropriate coverage, leading to streamlined claims and faster payouts.

Crypto Trailblazers

In the years since our founding, Evertas as achieved several crypto insurance firsts:

  • First cryptoasset insurer to be granted Lloyd’s of London coverholder status, giving us authority to write A+ Rated policies on behalf of Lloyd’s.
  • First scalable, cryptonative underwriting framework
  • First dedicated crypto policy application process
  • First crypto claims team
  • First regulatorily approved carrier
  • First to adjust a crypto claim globally
  • First company to cover 25% of the Bitcoin hashrate

Our Investors

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