Nick Selby

EVP, Strategy & Services

Nick Selby leads the Evertas Professional Services team, and serves as the Head of European Underwriting. An accomplished information and physical security professional, he has more than two decades of experience helping customers in some of the world’s most targeted industries.

In the private sector, Nick was an executive at Trail of Bits, was the Chief Security Officer and previously Interim Chief Information Security Officer at Paxos Trust Company, and led large-scale cyber incident response at TRM Partners and N4Struct. In 2005 he founded the information security practice at industry analyst firm 451 Research (now Standard & Poors Global Intelligence), where he served as 451’s Vice President, Research Operations until 2009.

In government, Nick has been a sworn police officer since 2010; he served from 2018 to 2020 as an executive at the New York Police Department, where he was Director of Cyber Intelligence and Investigations for the the NYPD Intelligence Bureau, where he helped America’s largest police department understand how it investigates online, and how Cyber-Enabled crime affects New Yorkers. Nick continues to serve as a reserve Texas police detective, investigating online crimes including CSAM.