How Uses Cookies

Evertas and the website have made it a design criteria that we use the fewest possible cookies. We have not implemented any cookies on our own. We do not collect personal data with very limited exceptions which we will describe here.

We do not sell any data to any third party.

There are no advertisements on the website.

Evertas uses the open source Hugo web content management system.

Essential Cookies

We host on Cloudflare Pages, and we use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to help us understand user behavior, like what pages people are viewing. We link to and embed videos from YouTube, and to employment pages from Bamboo HR. Those services require the use of cookies (Cloudflare Insights is a tracking cookie) and we consider those essential for our service (Cloudflare requires that for authorization purposes).

Cloudflare, Google Analytics, and Bamboo HR gather some personal data that is outside the control of Evertas. Evertas does not receive, buy, or share these data.

Ironically, among our “Essential Cookies” is a cookie that tracks whether you agree to accept cookies.

Cloudflare Logs

Our logs are ephemeral and are not stored. Cloudflare collects and logs for performance and functionality the following types of PII:

  • Source IP
  • User email
  • User ID
  • Device ID
  • URL
  • Referer
  • User agent

Evertas does not retain, share, buy, or sell these data, which are maintained by Cloudflare.