Evertas Closes $14 million Venture Financing Round

Led by Polychain Capital, the round raised $14 million and puts our total outside investment at $19.8 million.

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We are excited to announce the successful closure of our series A financing round. Led by Polychain Capital, the round raised $14 million. That, in addition to $5.8 million in seed financing, puts our total outside investment at $19.8 million.

The complete list of participants appears below.

“2022 has been a very important year for Evertas,” said CEO and Founder J. Gdanski. “It started with our gaining Lloyd’s of London coverholder status and is ending with a substantial vote of confidence by some of the smartest investors in the Web3 world. We will be working overtime to be worthy of that confidence.”

As a Lloyd’s coverholder, Evertas can write and service policies covering digital wallet products on Lloyd’s behalf.

We will use the proceeds of the round to expand underwriting capacity, add key personnel and further develop proprietary enabling technologies and standards.

“An investment in Evertas is more than just an investment in a Web3 startup. It’s truly an investment in the entire Web3 space,” said co-founder and President Raymond Zenkich. “That’s because the enormous cryptoasset insurance gap has impeded, and continues to impede, broad-based blockchain technology adoption. In empowering Evertas, these investors are empowering the entire crypto ecosystem.”

Zenkich added that currently, less than 3% of digital assets are thought to be insured against theft or loss, leaving the market dangerously exposed.

The timing of the round is notable for how it coincides with the extreme tumult generated by the failure of FTX and other crypto custodians. These high-profile events have highlighted the need for, and sparked tremendous interest in, risk transfer products for crypto and blockchain infrastructure. They have also underscored the challenges generated by the extreme lack of insurance capacity afflicting the market.

“Regulation-by-insurance is the most cryptonative, free market way to ensure custodians and exchanges implement proper governance and risk controls,” said investor Tom Howard. “When a user sees ‘Insured by Evertas’ they know that a high standard is certified by knowledgeable folks with skin in the game.”

Other participants in the round had the following to say about their decision to invest in us:

Polychain Capital Founder and CEO Olaf Carlson-Wee: “The crypto industry currently lacks insurance products and Evertas is well-suited to help fill that gap, which is one of the many reasons we’re excited to partner with them. The founders are cryptonatives who have a deep understanding of both crypto-asset security and insurance, and are building the right tools, relationships, and products to push the next phase of crypto adoption and maturation.”

SinoGlobal Capital CEO and General Partner Matthew Graham: “Blockchain technology is a rapidly growing sector where demand for insurance on crypto assets outstrips supply and will likely continue to do so long term. Evertas is the first player to achieve Lloyd’s of London coverholder status and the regulatory approval required to directly write policies on a broad range of crypto asset and platform types. The Evertas team is well positioned to meet the economic and technical challenges inherent to insuring this exciting and ever-evolving new asset class. We’re excited to partner with Evertas as they aim to lead the institutional and retail crypto insurance product market.”

Bloccelerte CEO and Founder Kate Mitselmakher: “Evertas is a perfect fit for our enterprise and institutional investment thesis. The lack of mature insurance options is currently holding back billions of dollar’s worth of institutional capital from investing in Web3 space. Only 2-3% of all crypto assets are properly insured. Should Evertas succeed, the floodgate for crypto and blockchain enterprise adoption will open.”

Foundation Capital General Partner Charles Moldow**:** “As investors with one of the longest and best track records in insuretech, we’re now proud to partner with an early market leader in crypto insurance underwriting. Evertas offers the kind of robust, financially secure, A+ rated insurance that’s needed to safeguard the future of Web3.”

Norgard Capital Founder Brian Norgard: “Recent events have shaken confidence in the crypto space, which so many people have worked tirelessly to build. The key to restoring trust isn’t more regulation, it’s more insurance, and that’s the market-driven solution Evertas has built. Investing in Evertas is more than a vote of support for one promising company. It’s a vote of support for crypto.”

David Roebuck: “I’m very enthusiastic to have the opportunity to back a company that is well-positioned to capitalize on a market that desperately needs to have insurance. Evertas leadership spent five years building the first insurance company that can fully underwrite Web3 offerings. In that time, they also built the proprietary technologies that make their complex work possible. We’re in a bear market but that will end in two to three years, and when it does, more institutions will want to come in, and they’ll want to purchase insurance to protect their digital assets. Evertas is in a perfect place to meet that need. It’s a blue ocean opportunity and the Evertas team is the right one to execute on it.”

Andrew Keys: “Outside of Evertas, the crypto insurance space has almost no true, dedicated expertise. The incumbent carriers and reinsurers writing the occasional crypto policy are staffed by insurance generalists analyzing these very specialized risks, part time; they’re in way over their heads and that’s unsustainable. The boutique carriers dabbling in this space will write any policy and that’s equally unsustainable. The few dedicated programs with crypto insurance experts outside of Evertas know enough to put their capacity and trust in the hands of Evertas. In other words, Evertas has a part in all the tenable crypto insurance policies being written today. In a high growth market, that’s a good position to be in, and that’s why I invested in Evertas.”

Patrick McDonald: “Evertas caught our interest because we believe they have a fundamental market advantage for digital asset insurance. Evertas is currently the only cryptoasset insurance provider that can fully meet the risk transfer needs of the market. They have the only purpose-built crypto policy form, the only comprehensive and scalable underwriting, the only claims team, and they make policy coverage simple for their clients and customers. That’s why I’m betting on Evertas.”

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We’re working hard to close the crypto insurance gap. Get in touch to start a conversation around how Evertas can meet your project’s risk transfer needs, to better protect your customers and your vision.