Evertas Solutions for Platform Risks

Evertas offers several innovative crypto insurance products but not all of them are needed for every project. For example, a custodial exchange would need all of our crypto insurance policy types, except for mining hardware, while a mining operation would only need mining hardware coverage.

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There is massive demand for insurance coverage within the crypto market. However, limited supply and inefficient/time consuming underwriting processes pose significant barriers to getting the coverage and protection end users, institutions, and customers want (and increasingly demanded by regulations or law). To provide for comprehensive coverage in a way that is affordable and scalable, Evertas has created a program for Platform Risks allowing for additional coverage to users of platforms or services. These Platform Risks include B2B2C Policies for Custodians, Exchanges, and Funds and Platform Policies for custody/technology platforms.

B2B2C Policies for Custodians, Exchanges, and Funds

Common in the market today are custodians, exchanges, and funds that want to offer insurance coverage to their customers, but for budgetary and commercial reasons cannot offer full coverage. Some of their customers, however, do desire or need to have additional coverage and the Insured wishes to offer their customers additional coverage. Evertas has designed a program where custodians, exchanges, and funds would offer additional coverages to their customers to cover potential loss event.

Custodian, Exchange, or Fund

Master Policy provides baseline coverage for end-user accounts.


Individual end-user accounts are built on the same underwriting as Master Policy.

Technology Platform Policies

In a similar vein, there are companies that sell custody (or similar) type Technology Platforms to be deployed and used by someone else (i.e., their customers). Typically these customers wish to have insurance themselves. In this case the platform provider should have a policy to cover losses as a result of their system failure; underwriting this policy enables us to understand the risk of the platform itself. After underwriting the platform the provider can also have different Platform Configurations underwritten by Evertas. This means that any of their customers which uses one of those Platform Configurations would be eligible to obtain an insurance policy without additional underwriting on the custody system or setup.

Technology Platform

Master Policy establishes insurable implementation solutions through Evertas Underwriting.


The implementation of approved Platform Configurations policies for Customers requires no additional underwriting on the custody system or setup.

The mark of certainty in an uncertain world.

Designed to support and help cryptoasset custody platforms prosper. We apply our unique knowledge of crypto risk and provide a public stamp of certainty that your platforms are insurable for cryptoasset theft and loss.

Evertas Certified is used to obtain insurance terms from participating companies, which are displayed on your certification letter.

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