Through custom engagements in cyber, physical, and communications fields, Evertas Professional Services advisors help make great companies better.

Professional Services

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Risk Assessment

Understand your cyber and operational risk landscape

Make wise and effective security investments informed by an Evertas snapshot-in-time assessments of your organization’s unique risk profile. Our advice, reports, and documentation will provide your leadership with clear choices for improving your business by reducing risk and increasing efficiency and security.

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Incident Readiness Assessment

Understand and improve your capacity to detect, respond to, and recover from a cyber security incident

A bottom-up review of your current capabilities means you don’t need to wait for an incident to discover your true level of preparation. A roadmap clearly outlining the path toward optimal readiness puts you confidently in control.

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Incident Readiness Consulting

Create cyber security incident policies, procedures, and runbooks

While there are universal concepts, there’s no generic Incident Response blueprint. Each company has unique needs. Our decades of experience in IR—handling incidents for start-ups to Fortune 200 companies—means we know how to help you craft a custom-built, systemic, cross-discipline approach to handling incidents. You will reduce the number of incidents, and their severity.

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Continuous Communications Security Monitoring

Enjoy the peace of mind that our always-on RF signals analysis and threat monitoring brings.

Following a technical surveillance countermeasures sweep, Evertas provides discreet, continuous radio frequency (RF) monitoring that intelligently analyzes signals in your environment.

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Incident Response Orchestration

Emergency orchestration of responses to a hack, breach, or loss of customer funds

Working with our internal team of experts who have decades of experience leading responses to major cyber incidents and our best-in-class global partners, Evertas assures that your response to cyber incidents is rapid, comprehensive, and effective.

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Physical Security Assessment

An adversarial review of your physical facilities by a dream team of real-world physical protection experts

Evertas is uniquely suited to assess all aspects of your operation, then make pragmatic and actionable improvement recommendations. Our physical security experts created and managed safety programs that continuously protect billions of dollars in fiat and crypto; we have served on teams protecting every living US president and provided executive and operational leadership for dignitary protection during the United Nations General Assembly – we know this stuff cold.

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Fractional Chief Information Security Officer

Create and run programs that improve information security, privacy, and compliance

Our experts have served as full time, interim, and fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in a variety of industries from start-ups to publicly traded household names.

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Communications Security Assessment

Know your digital communications are safe from interception.

Electronic eavesdropping innovations leveraging ever-more robust high-speed cellular and other radio-frequency protocols are increasingly and easily available, while our most sensitive, private, and business-critical discussions can be of keen, strategic interest to business or nation-state adversaries.

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Internal SDLC Assessment and Code Audit Prep

Improve the efficiency and security of your code and get more value from testing and code audits through a review of dev team procedures and processes

Evertas professionals conduct a thorough review of your SDLC documentation, procedures, and audit strategies. We show you custom ways your teams can reduce toil and increase efficiency of activities such as testing that are traditionally painful and slow.

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Internal Compliance Program Assessment

Achieve and maintain industry and regulatory compliance through crypto-specialized operational assessments

Increased efficiency and avoidance of unnecessary expense, worry, and effort are the natural result of consistent regulatory compliance. Expert examinations of internal compliance policies provide all stakeholders with an accurate map of your current and potential place in the regulatory landscape.